The digital challenge

Trustable identifiers are critical for anyone, and anything. In the real and virtual world, people and things are connected across billions of devices, generating zillions of data and amplifying digital threats.

Virtual worlds, Avatars, NFT PFP, Infrastructure, Digital Fashion ... Digital Identities will have a +$600bn impact by 2030.

People, businesses, and digital assets are in risk. Identity theft are booming in web 2, providing a huge highway for hackers in web3. What can we do about it?

MetaKey got the answers

Everyone needs a safe and inclusive Digital Life, assuring the freedom to keep anonymity and easy management to share what, and when they want.

How can I keep my ID privacy ?

Need of Self Sovereign Identity

How can I secure not to stolen my Digital ID?

Need of IDs with Privacy or Anonymous

How can I trust my device to authenticate my IDs?

Need of Cybersecurity

How to certify an NFT or an ID?

Need of Interoperability and Portability

The digital YOU

MetaKey helps manage the digital YOU - from one Metaverse to another one.

Meta-Key solves identity and KYC for anonymous or non-anonymous ID or digital assets on any device. Our global interconnected Identifiers (IDs, Digital Assets and Devices) creates a dynamic, real-time and reliable score, protected by the mKey secure app:

  • Management and Scoring of IDs and Devices.
  • Assets portability (NFTs, Avatars and more).
  • True Ownership of Value of Digital Assets.
  • Hybridization of ID & anonymous.
  • A KYC platform, permissionless onchain with also onchain privacy.
  • Integration with dApps.
  • Communication, Gamification and Monetization in the Metaverse

  • Metakey combines a mix of technologies to facilitate access to e-Applications and e-Services, helping to build the tech pillar in Web3 for all Identities, improving user experience for faster digital adoption. Thus, MetaKey allows everyone to access e-Services with privacy, encouraging Digital, Social and Financial Inclusion.

What is Metakey?

Meta-Key is a complete ecosystem that generates, manages and scores Qualified IDs, Digital Identifiers and other credentials, using A.I. and cybersecurity, in real-time and across multiple ecosystems, through a SaaS communication platform.


Meta-Key provides scoring and reliable data to service providers and individuals, allowing better and more accurate decisions(KYC, KYD, Credit Scoring, and more).


The Bridge

MetaKey bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3, unlocking the value chain of your digital assets.


MetaKey is an enabler, using existing scalable, standard and interoperable technology and resources, providing the bridge between the past and the future.

  • A communication layer between WEB2 and WEB3, online or offline.
  • A bridge between the human and machine technologies
  • Real-time verification of Identities and Devices.
  • Allows the collaboration keys across any digital platform (Blockchain & Cloud) for any Digital Service.
  • Technology of self-sovereign, self-controlled identity
  • A layer 2 blockchain for telecom (Web2 and Web3 CPaaS - Communication Platform-as-a-Service)

MetaKey democratizes deep tech access and usage. Users will be in full control of their digital IDs and decide on their Anonymity or what Data to share in any ecosystem, with easy recovery of the private keys.

MetaKey Features

Digital Global Identity

A global ID to any Individual, Devices, Digital Assets, NFTs, Avatars and more.

Global Delivery Vector

Viral Distribution with RCS Security & Apps support for cross worlds delivery.

Unique Identifiers

Provided for assets portability, cross chain and scalable.

Privacy and Compliance

Safe ecosystem with unified scored digital ID, devices, reputation & e-KYC.

Management and Scoring

Ensures trust, provenance & ownership, including whitelist / blacklist and tracking.

Onchain / Offchain wallet

Mixed with E-ID, Anonymous ID, Reputation, Unique Assets.

Decentralized IDs & Assets

Anonymous or Known Identity, allowing you to buy, sell, exchange or lend assets.


IDs communication between all Web 2 & Web 3 ecosystems.



Management and Scoring

MetaKey provides an Ecosystem of scored connected devices, to generate Trusted Quality Data.

MetaKey is based an open standards to manage and score Digital IDs and other credentials across multiple ecosystems. All identities are validated by Third parties such as Government and Telecom. MetaKey consolidates & interconnect identifiers to issue a main Global ID.

Our vision is to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

The Ecosystem

Metakey allows everyone, to access E-Services with Privacy, empowering users to create, exchange, own, and monetize, their output Data.


Market Size

Digital Identity will have a >$600bn impact by 2030.

The economic value of the digital identity space will grow exponentially over the next 10 years, in Metaverse Market only.
Meta-Key goes beyond, providing high-demand solutions to the huge current WEB2 and WEB3 market, significantly enhancing the results.


SOURCE: Web3 Studios - Market Report: Digital Identities

Global Team and Advisors

An international team of executives and advisors, with global view, and wide experience from all the fields of technology, cybersecurity, global software, financial industry, consulting firms and regulation. A multi-cultural knowledge, and presence in strategic markets.

David Kuhl
Founder, CEO
Kevin Donavan
Biz Dev | USA
Bernard Joly
Ecosystem Leader
Alex Nikolov
Strategy Enabler
Johnson H. Sarker
BizDev | APAC
Max Kobernic
DevOps Blockchain
Raul Pavao
BizDev | LATAM
Francisco Escobar
Nancy Chien
Guillaume Teixeron
Identity Proofing
Anish Mohammed
Blockchain | Advisor
Olivier Roussy
Entrepreneur | Advisor
Marcelo Veronese
Banking | Advisor
Carlos Marmolejos
Sustainable Finance | Advisor
Diego Gutiérrez
Entrepreneur |Advisor
Micha Benoliel
Co-Founder @ | Advisor

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